Prodsida Komhallare

Much more than a holder

Are you a system developer, IT purchaser, PDA manufacturer or user of PDAs? Our holistic concept includes many benefits that facilitates your work, regardless what your role is. Everything from the same supplier. With our deep knowledge about mobile data communication and our well considered products, we help businesses and individuals work efficiently, all day long.



Feel free to ask us about holders, chargers, cabling and accessories for your PDA. We possess the knowledge and the solutions to help businesses and employees work efficiently.













Benefits for project managers/system integrators

  • Support for design of hardware for mobile data systems

  • Efficient development process and production

  • Modular, flexible and sustainable solutions

  • Custom made hardware for system construction


Benefits for purchasers of IT equipment/stations

  • One supplier for all PDA holders, cabling and accessories

  • Durable quality holders at competitive prices

  • Operational safety in the vehicle fleet

  • Less need of maintenance/reduced service cost


Benefits for PDA manufacturers (OEM)

  • Model specific design of holders and accessories

  • Durable quality holders at competitive prices

  • Efficient development process and production

  • Own design of packaging and labeling


Benefits for users in the field

  • Charged PDA all day long

  • Easily accessible PDA in the vehicle

  • Practical belt holders and carrying cases

  • Well protected PDA during work shifts