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Flexible charging solutions for home and office

Stationary chargers

The PDA should work throughout the work shift - that is a given. In the vehicle, it is charged through the vehicle holder, at other times you may rely on stationary charging holders for home and office. Ask us about charging solutions, so that you always have a fully charged PDA when you start working.

Charger for home and office

The table chargers for home and office are mounted on a robust metal bracket, with power supply units for 100-240 VAC / 5 V, 2,5 A. Versions with different connectors have been developed for different markets.


Charging system 19"

The charging system is built modularly and according to customer specifications, with the desired amount of charging stations. Through its modular construction, a wall rack may consist of 4-24 charging stations per section, where each section is 0,51 m wide and 1,90 m high.


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Charging walls save space

The system on the one hand saves space, a common problem for charging of PDAs, while at the same time providing a good overview when all units are gathered in one place.

For example, a normal sized office room with charging equipment along a 4 m wide wall provides opportunity for charging 168 PDAs.

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