Prodsida Komhallare

The strong link in your mobile data system

Communication holder

When you want to utilize all options in your mobile data system, the solution is a communication holder. Gather vehicle information, positioning and all other important information in standard or customer specific cabling, and communicate everything through the PDA. You decide what information you need - we design the cable according to your specifications.

Standard cabling and customer specific cabling

Based on the standard range of cabling alternatives, we are usually able to build a product that meets the requirements. We are usually also able to meet other needs for cabling or connectors.


Standard cabling for communication holders

  • RS232 via 9-pin D-SUB connector (female/male)
  • RS232 via PS2 connector for e.g. GPS receivers
  • RS232 via 18-pin Molex
  • USB via standard type A connector (female/male)
  • USB/RS232 via dongle solutions with 9-pin D-SUB connector

Customer specific solutions

Contact us for specifications and quotes