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Robust vehicle chargers with cigarette plug or open cable ends

Vehicle Chargers

The vehicle charger should protect your PDA and provide it with stable charging while in transit, while at the same time being able to withstand hundreds of insertions per week in a demanding environment with heat, cold, vibrations and dust. The vehicle holder from Cradle has been designed for tough requirements and may be connected to the vehicle battery in several ways.

Vehicle charger for 10-30 VDC input voltage

Vehicle charger in several versions for meeting different customer requirements. Connection through cigarette plug, or alternatively, loose ends for fixed mounting. All products have molded plastic details in order to meet high requirements for fit and operational safety.

Cigarette plug LIGHT 12/24 V

Simple vehicle charger with charging electronics mounted in the cigarette plug. The product series is suitable for users who temporarily require a charger in the vehicle. The product is not meant for fixed mounting, but may be supplemented with suction cup mounting for quick mounting in the vehicle.

Other charging holders

The products are fitted with a powerful charging electronic card mounted in the holder and exist in several different versions for connection voltage 10-30 VDC.

Connection options

  • Cigarette plug
  • Open ends for fixed connection
  • 6-pin Molex for "HotSwap"