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Customer specific holders

OEM Cradles

As a manufacturer of PDAs, you know what kind of requirements are placed on the units during a long, demanding working day. Through our OEM concept we offer cooperation in order to meet the tough requirements and provide you with a complete range of customer specific holders, packagings and durable accessories. Contact us with your specification, and we'll discuss the best solution.

Development of customer specific holders

Development of customer specific holders

Cradle of Sweden offers to work with PDA manufacturers in order to develop customer specific holders for stationary or vehicle mounted use.

Together with our design team, you review requests and sets of requirements, and based on the PDA product we then create a working prototype via 3D printout of the specific plastic details.

Following approval of the prototype, we develop the molding tools for manufacture of the plastic details, and after around 4-8 weeks we deliver a high quality vehicle holder for your customers.

Cradle of Sweden's OEM concept also includes development of packaging layout, customer specific labels, etc.

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