Cradle's products are designed for use with your PDA during all hours, seven days a week. There is always a well considered solution, from stationary charging at home or in the office, to vehicle mounted solutions with charging and connection for communication between PDA, vehicle and surroundings. If our standard solutions are not sufficient, we're happy to develop a solution based on your specifications.

Modular solution for complex communication

Cradle of Sweden's modular concept grows with the task, from simple PDA chargers to being the communication center for complex mobile data systems. The product concept is based on a modular system with plastic details which are combined into a complete holder. The holder is then equipped with everything from simple charging functions to customer specific solutions which make the holder the system's hub.

Use the PDA holder for communication between PDA, vehicle and surroundings in you mobile data system. We develop and manufacture customer specific cabling to order.

Solves the communication between the PDA, vehicle and surroundings

The standard range consists of holders which fit the most common PDAs on the market. In addition, we develop unique solutions together with the customer's system developer. This means that the holder is able to function as a hub between the PDA and the peripherals in the vehicle, such as GPS receivers.

Robust holders with perfect fit

All PDA holders consist of front and back pieces made from strong, injection molded high quality ABS plastic. For the best possible fit, we first make a 3D scan of the PDA in question. The measurements for the unique, PDA specific plastic details are then transferred to CAD software for manufacture of prototypes via a 3D printer. The result is a fully functional product ready for the customer's approval or adjustment, before manufacture of casting implements and full scale production commences.

In this way, we are able to develop concept models and details quickly and economically.

Fast development process

All product development takes place in Sweden. For the customer it entails short communication pathways and efficient communication, and in the end a fast development process. The development time for a new PDA model is about 4-6 weeks before delivery of a complete product to the customer.

All holders utilize Swedish made electronics which have been E-approved for vehicle installation. Since the product concept is based on a large amount of stocked products, we are able to easily combine different types of holders, based on customer requirements and desires.

Standard range

  • Simple table chargers for home or office
  • Holders for vehicle installation with charger only
  • Holders for GPS or "black box" systems
  • Holders for advanced USB/RS232 models for data communication between units
  • Accessories

The PDA holders have original connectors exclusively, in order to ensure that the products work during the expected lifetime.

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